Advanced Pepper Spray

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Advanced Pepper Spray - With decontamination spray

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An pepper spray that temporarily irritates the eyes and mucous membranes, used to stun and incapacitate a person, police use of pepper spray to control rioters.

With this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!


  • Fully customizable, with this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!

  • Decontamination system, with a spray you can decontaminate the citizens easily, with a sound and an effect!

  • Creation of pepper spray, in the configuration you can set up unlimited pepper sprays with different characteristics!

  • Rubbing the eyes and spitting, when you are gassed, you can rub your eyes or spit on the ground to reduce the effects of the pepper spray.

  • Spit particle, when you spit, water will appear on the ground.

  • Gas mask, when you have a gas mask you can’t be gassed.

  • Reloading point, to refill your pepper spray or decontamination spray, you can easily set up points on the map.

  • Intensity of the effect, as soon as you are gassed, the effect will depend on the recovery rate.

  • Permission system, this script is ESX, QBCore and standalone compatible.

  • Language, this resource is available in French and English, you can still add your own language for your server in configuration!


Full support in French and English on discord


The pepper spray proposed in the script is available for free download!
The Advanced Police Grab Ped uses FiveM escrow system

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