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Advanced Helicopter Bucket

Preview script

This lightweight, robust, and flexible firefighting bucket, with a substantial water capacity, has revolutionized the use of helicopters in combating forest fires and has quickly become an indispensable tool for firefighting.

With this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!

Compatible with: SmartFires, FireScript by ToxicScripts

Key Features

  • Fully customizable: Tailor the script to your server's exact needs.

  • Fire health system: Introduces a fire health system to add realism to fire-fighting operations.

  • Water reloadingAccess water points to refill your Bambi bucket conveniently.

  • Water vaporRealistically depicts a trail of water vapor during operations.

  • Water level: The water inside the Bambi bucket is accurately represented based on its quantity.

  • Drop alarm: Provides an alarm system to prevent accidental water dumping.

  • Permission system: Compatible with ESX, QBCore, and standalone setups.

  • Language: Available in both English and French. Add your language for a personalized touch!

Dedicated Support

Our comprehensive support team is available in both English and French on our Discord server.


Test Our Resource

Connect to our server by clicking on the image below to experience the Advanced Helicopter Bucket in action!


Documentation Included

The Advanced Helicopter Bucket comes with comprehensive documentation that covers all features and configurations. You'll have everything you need to make the most of this resource.

Additional Information

3D model created by W4nou.
The Advanced Helicopter Bucket uses FiveM escrow system