Advanced Extrication System

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Advanced Extrication System

Preview script

This script introduces advanced functions designed for your server's firefighters, enabling them to perform complex vehicle extrications by removing vehicle doors or roofs with realistic tools.

With this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!

Key Features

  • Fully customizable: Tailor the script to your server's exact needs.

  • Realistic sound and visual damage: Enhance immersion with lifelike audio and visuals damage.

  • Fully synchronized: The script has been designed to work with as many people as possible.

  • Realistic vehicle crash: When a player crashes into a wall at high speed, their vehicle is immobilized, and they find themselves trapped inside awaiting rescue. This feature is fully configurable and can be activated based on factors such as the number of firefighters online, for example.

  • Possibility of cutting doors: Doors, trunks and hoods can be cut on all GTA V vehicles

  • Possibility of cutting roofYou can cut the roof of your vehicle (if you wish to make your vehicle compatible with the system, a documentation has been written on this subject)

  • Permission system: Compatible with ESX, QBCore, and standalone setups.

  • Language: Available in both English and French. Add your language for a personalized touch!

Dedicated Support

Our comprehensive support team is available in both English and French on our Discord server.


Test Our Resource

Connect to our server by clicking on the image below to experience the Advanced Extrication System in action!


Documentation Included

The Advanced Extrication System comes with comprehensive documentation that covers all features and configurations. You'll have everything you need to make the most of this resource.

Additional Information

3D model created by W4nou.
The Advanced Extrication System uses FiveM escrow system